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Dave Lowerre

Cell: 714-335-9861

My Career is full of Hits. A hit is where my contribution Made A Difference.

I enjoy reading other people's code and I love solving problems.


California State University Fullerton

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science



Javascript, SQL, PHP, C++, Node.js, MongoDB, Unreal Engine, Unity, GiT, SVN, Linux, Windows, Android, IOS, Jenkins, Jira, Agile (Kanban, LESS)


Managing Remote Developers


2016-2019 Zodiac Inflight InnovationsSenior Software Engineer

HIT Using standard Linux tools I built a utility that saves hundreds of man-hours of highly skilled labor every time it is used.

2014-2016 Inhance DigitalSenior Developer

HIT My code is running at the Smithsonian. I built the content management and distribution system for the Above and Beyond museum experience.

2013 American GreetingsSenior Mobile/Web Developer

HIT I led a team of the best and brightest exploring new technologies and building them into our mobile products, using Xcode, Objective-C, Eclipse, Java, and Python as well as some OpenGL.

2010-2013 Outpost24 ABPrincipal Software Engineer


  • Took a ‘product’ that worked, but would more often fail and made it a robust tool that would always produce valuable results. This allowed outpost to sell the tool as a product providing a valuable new revenue stream.
  • Added persistence to an existing product using PostgreSQL significantly improving performance and reliability.

1998-2010 MapGeniusSelf Employed

HIT Using off-shore talent, we built systems for our clients that never failed to delight stakeholders and ensure that we got paid!

1997-1998 Dixon Sports ComputingSenior Computer Scientist

HIT On the MacIntosh, my office partner and I re-wrote the instant-replay control software from scratch in two weeks to satisfy an unhappy customer, leading to many successful sales of the new instant replay system to major clients.

1987–1997 Interstate ElectronicsStaff Engineer


  • Successfully rewrote SONAR processor under heavy schedule pressure to save 6 months of expensive civilian manhours every time we sent a submarine under the polar ice.
  • Diagnosed an ISA bus implementation error that was causing a ‘software failure’ in an early flash storage solution. The product shipment had been on hold for weeks when I was called in. The product was shippable within a week.

1985-1987 Auto-Trol TechnologySoftware Engineer

HIT Worked on a YACC grammar for our SQL implementation! We pioneered the integration of CAD databases with relational databases using SQL. I learned SQL, very well.

1982-1985 Interstate ElectronicsSoftware Engineer

HIT My partner and I wrote a utility that ran on our bare hardware with no operating system, in Data General assembly of course. This utility became a deliverable when it was found to outperform the official BIT/BITE code.