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Dave Lowerre

Cell: 714-335-9861

I am a master of using new technology to solve computing challenges. I have never been limited to my ‘current skillset’.


California State University Fullerton

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

C++, Node.js, Javascript, Java, Python, PHP, ASP, lua, Unreal Engine, Unity, Cordova, Sencha
MongoDB, MSSQL, mySQL, PostgreSQL,
Linux, Windows, Android, IOS, GiT, SVN, Jenkins, Jira, Reviewboard
offshore development management, Agile (Kanban and Scrum)
Also TCP/IP, UDP, IPTABLES, ARP, RS-232/422, SCSI, Flash memory and SOCs.
I enjoy reading other people's code and I love solving problems.

2016-2019 Zodiac Inflight Innovations Senior Sofware Engineer

First I took over a project in progress to automate some crew functions of our In Flight Entertainment system (IFE). I immediately studied the existing design and produced a visual detailed design that would fill the requirements. This design was reviewed and approved by my peers and I implemented the code in C++ as designed while adhering to the very strict coding standards imposed by the team and especially the project lead. I particularly liked using Reviewboard again for code review, and Jira for planning and reporting. I then joined a project to build a new content distribution solution. From then on, because of our Agile transformation (SCRUM to LESS), I was able to work on many different pieces of the In-Flight Entertainment system including but not limited to:

  • Fast implementation for routing through a usb-connected modem including IPTABLES
  • USB Charge Power control
  • Root Cause analysis of JAVA object ingestion performance problems
  • Management of Off-Shore development of SOC control code for Bluetooth modem.

Highlight: As a ‘Hack Day’ project I used standard Linux tools to build a utility that saves hundreds of man-hours of highly skilled labor every time it is used.

2014-2016 Inhance Digital Senior Developer

I know I got this job because no one else wanted to build a restaurant management system so my Boss did not mind that I did not know Node.js or MongoDb. Good thing too because I delivered the system on time with only a little late stage help from another newhire. Using Node/Mongo was a pleasure but Express got in the way as did Bootstrap. We ended up using CSS transitions with basic javascript to get the performance we needed on the menu tablets. The great part was that once the restaurant was up and running I got to work on what I really wanted: 3D applications! I got to use Unreal Engine to do so. I continued plying my new Node skills to implement the Content Management and Distribution system for the Above and Beyond museum experience we were working on. I used Node and GiT and MongoDb to provide internationalization features to facilitate production in any world language (meaning we support right to left languages too!) We were using Perforce for source control. I enjoyed getting to do some lua programming as well. Using Node.js, MongoDb, Bootstrap, Unreal Engine, Unity, Perforce, GiT and Lua I helped to build custom applications for our clients including a full-featured restaurant management system.

Highlight: My code is running at the Smithsonian. I built the content management and distribution system for the Above and Beyond museum experience.

2013 American Greetings Senior Mobile/Web Developer

This was the hardest job to get! So many rounds of interviews! But I had just published a game in both Google and Apple stores and was current with my mobile developer chops. So for a short while I got to be part of a team of the best and brightest exploring new technologies and building them into our mobile products, using Xcode, Objective-C, Eclipse, Java, and Python as well as some OpenGL. I really enjoyed their use of Reviewboard. I would have never left but AG closed the office in West Hollywood and though I love to visit I cannot live in Cleveland.

2010-2013 Outpost24 AB Principal Software Engineer

I learned more than I ever wanted to know about computer security while updating our product every day with code to detect and report the latest vulnerabilities. When I was hired I took over a product being written in C that could not be sold as it was not stable. I added a PostgreSQL database to it to allow it to persist its findings and it became a viable product. So I was allowed to do the same for our flagship scanner.

1998-2010 MapGenius. Self Employed

I started building web apps with Cold Fusion 2.0 when a client of mine asked me if I could build a web site for him. That was in 1996! We used an Access database on the back end. Eventually I was taking on projects that were too big for just me. I partnered up with a friend of mine from Cochin, India who maintains a top-notch staff of technologists for just such purposes. Using his team of developers and local talent we never failed to build whatever our clients could conceive. We used Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, JQUERY, Flash, MSSQL, and MYSQL and our own pre-Jira tracking and billing software

1997-1998 Dixon Sports Computing.Senior Computer Scientist

On the MacIntosh, my office partner and I re-wrote the instant-replay control software from scratch in two weeks to satisfy an unhappy customer, leading to many successful sales of the new instant replay system to major clients.

1987–1997 Interstate ElectronicsStaff Engineer

  • Successfully rewrote SONAR processor under heavy schedule pressure to save 6 months of expensive civilian manhours every time we sent a submarine under the polar ice.
  • Diagnosed an ISA bus implementation error that was causing a ‘software failure’ in an early flash storage solution. The product shipment had been on hold for weeks when I was called in. The product was shippable within a week.

1985-1987 Auto-Trol TechnologySoftware Engineer

Worked on a YACC grammar for our SQL implementation! We pioneered the integration of CAD databases with relational databases using SQL. I learned SQL, very well.

1982-1985 Interstate ElectronicsSoftware Engineer

My partner and I wrote a utility that ran on our bare hardware with no operating system, in Data General assembly of course. This utility became a deliverable when it was found to outperform the official BIT/BITE code.